I am currently teaching the following course

  • Logic Design (ET1 410 - 1st year BSC EE)
  • Digital Systems (TI 2720-A - 2nd year BSC CS)
  • System Desing using HDL (ET4 272 - MSc CE)
  • Computer Architecture - Special Topics (ET4 078 - MSc CE)

I taught or have been involved in developing the following courses or labs :

  • Computer Architecture (2nd year BSc Physics)
  • Embedded Systems (3rd year BSc)
  • Mars Rover project (minor "Electrical Engineering for Constructing sciences")
  • MP3 Project (introductory lab for 1st year BSc CS)
  • EPO-2: (1st BSc EE project)


I am member of the following committee

  • Member of the Onderdeel Commissie (started November 2011)
    In this commitee I am part of the portfolios: education and finances.

I was a member of the following committees:

  • Chair of the Board of Studies Electrical Engineering (Dutch: Opleidingscommissie Elektrotechniek) till October 2011
  • Member of the Board of Examiners Computer Engineering and Embedded Systems (Dutch: Examencommissie CEES) till October 2010

Other activities

  • I acted as the (doctoral) contact person in our lab for MSc students who wanted to perform their thesis project in our lab.
  • I acted as the liaison between companies and MSc students who wanted to do their thesis project in the industry.
  • Grassroots - This is a university program targeting at improving the utilization of IT technologies in courses. I was awarded two projects in 2007. The first project focused on improving the participation of students during the course period by involving in the development of weekly question sets for other students to make. The weekly question sets regarded course material taught. The second project involved the utilization of a poll system to evaluate the (perceived) knowledge of students and quality of the lectures and course material.

MSc students

Students looking to do a MSc thesis project with me can take a look at the 

Stephan Wong
Stephan Wong (Associate Professor)