PhD students

The following PhD students are currently working under my supervision:

The following PhD students finished their studies under my supervision:

  • Filipa Duarte (finished 2008) - A Cache-based Hardware Accelerator for Memory Data Movements (PDF)

The following PhD students were partially guided by me:

  • Christopher Kachris (partial guidance, finished 2007) - Reconfigurable Network Processing Platforms (PDF)
  • Julio Carlos Balzano de Mattos (sandwich student UFRGS, 1 year) - The MOLEN Femto-Java Engine (PDF)

MSc students

Students looking to do a MSc thesis project with me can take a look at the following list.

The following MSc students are currently working on their thesis projects under my supervision:

  • Siebe Krijgsman - (topic) A Partial-Reconfigurable Audio Generation and Manipulation Application
  • Martin Ramcharan - (topic) Image Spam Detection
  • Roel Seedorf - (topic) Fingerprint Scanning Application on Reconfigurable Hardware
  • Joaquin Marcos Mosquera Rodriguez (Erasmus student)
  • Gloria Garcia Dosil (Erasmus student)

The following MSc students finished their thesis projects under my supervision: (1997's is my own :-))


to be added soon


to be added soon


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Stephan Wong
Stephan Wong (Associate Professor)