Peyman Pouyan

PostDoc at the Computer Engineering Group of the Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS/EWI), Delft University of Technology.

Peyman Pouyan has received his PhD degree (Cum Laude ) in electronic engineering at Universitat Politècnica de Catalonia, Barcelona, 2015, M.Sc. degree in System On Chip from Lund University, 2010, and Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, 2007. His main current research field is Reliability and Test in conventional and emerging Memories.





  • Reliability and Test
  • Variation-Tolerant Design
  • Emerging Devices
  • RRAM
  • Memristive Design

Publications Peyman Pouyan

  • Peyman Pouyan, Esteve Amat, Antonio Rubio; ”Memristive Crossbar Memory Lifetime Evaluation and Reconfiguration Strategies”, IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing, 2016.
  • Peyman Pouyan, Esteve Amat, Antonio Rubio; ” Monitoring SRAM BTI Degradation By Current-based Tracking Technique”, NEWCAS, Canada, 2016
  • Peyman Pouyan, Esteve Amat, Antonio Rubio; ” Insights to Memristive Memory Cell from a Reliability Perspective”, MEMRISYS, Cyprus, 2015.
  • Peyman Pouyan, Esteve Amat, Antonio Rubio; ” Memristive Crossbar Design and Test in Non-adaptive Proactive Reconfiguring Scheme”, ECCTD, Norway, 2015.
  • Peyman Pouyan, Esteve Amat, Antonio Rubio; ” Analysis and Design of an Adaptive Proactive Reconfiguration Approach for Memristive Crossbar Memories”, NANOARCH, USA, 2015.
  • Peyman Pouyan, Esteve Amat, Antonio Rubio; ” Statistical Lifetime Analysis of Memristive Crossbar Matrix”, DTIS, Italy, 2015.
  • Peyman Pouyan, Esteve Amat, Antonio Rubio; ” Reliability Challenges in Design of Memristive Memories”, VARI, Spain, 2014.
  • Peyman Pouyan, Esteve Amat, Antonio Rubio; ”Adaptive Proactive Reconfiguration: A Technique for Process-Variability- and Aging-Aware SRAM Cache Design”, IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, 2014.
  • Peyman Pouyan, Esteve Amat, Antonio Rubio; ”Impact of Proactive Reconfiguration Technique on Vmin and Lifetime of SRAM Caches”, ISQED, USA, 2014.
  • Peyman Pouyan, Esteve Amat, Francesc Moll and Antonio Rubio, ” Design and Implementation of an Adaptive Proactive Reconfiguration technique in SRAM Caches ”, DATE, France, 2013.
  • Peyman Pouyan, Esteve Amat, and Antonio Rubio, ”SRAM Lifetime Improvement By Using Adaptive Proactive Reconfiguration ”, MIXDES, Poland, 2012.
  • Peyman Pouyan, Esteve Amat, and Antonio Rubio, ”Process-Variability Aware Proactive Reconfiguration Technique for Mitigating Aging Effects in Nano Scale SRAM Lifetime”, VTS, USA, 2012.
  • Peyman Pouyan, Erik Hertz, Peter Nilson; ”A VLSI Implementation of Logarithmic and Exponential Functions using a Parabolic Synthesis Methodology compared to the CORDIC Algorithm”, ECCTD, Sweden, 2011.

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