Graduated PhD students
Name Thesis Title First Job Year
M.Zandrahimi Characterization techniques under process variations   2018
M. Lefter On leveraging vertical proximity in 3D memory hierarchies Universiteit Leiden 2018
J. Hoozemans Targeting static and dynamic workloads with a reconfigurable VLIW processor Maxeler, Delft 2018
I. Agbo Reliability modeling and mitigation for embedded memories TUDelft 2018
L. Xie Memristive Device for Logic Design and Computing Huawei Technology Co. Ltd., Shenzhen 2018
E. Vermij Moving workloads to a better place IBM 2017
R. Choupani Scalable video coding Cankaya University 2017
N. Cucu Laurenciu Reliability aware computing platforms design and lifetime management TU Delft 2017
I. Ashraf Communication driven mapping of applications on multicore platforms TU Delft 2016
M. Enachescu Hybrid NEMS-CMOS Architectures for Ultra Low Power Smart Systems Microchip Technology, Bucharest, Romania 2016
M. Cortez Reliability assessment and test methods for anti-counterfeiting technology Riscure, Delft, The Netherlands 2015
H. Mushtaq Deterministic execution of multithreaded applications for reliability of multicore systems TU Delft 2015
C. Chen Towards dependable network-on-chip architectures NUDT, China 2015
C. Pham-Quoc Hybrid interconnect design for heterogeneous hardware accelerators Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology 2015
A. Nelson Composable and predictable power management TU/e 2014
A. Beyranvand Nejad Composable virtual platforms for mixed-criticality embedded systems ASML NL 2014
P. Zaykov Multithreading for embedded reconfigurable mulitcore systems Honeywell 2014
K. Chandrasekar High-level power estimation and optimization of DRAMs NVIDIA, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India 2014
M. Taouil Yield and cost analysis for 3D stacked ICs TU Delft 2014
M. Nadeem Adaptive, low-power architectures for embedded multimedia systems: with focus on H.264/AVC video codec   2014
R. Nane Automatic hardware generation for reconfigurable architectures TUDelft 2014
D. Mirzoyan Better than worst-case design for streaming applications under process variation Omron Electronic Components Europe B.V., The Netherlands 2013
Seyab Bias temperature instability analysis, monitoring and mitigation for nano-scaled circuits NWFP University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar Pakistan 2013
Y. Wang Aging assessment and reliability aware omputing platforms NUDT, China 2013
F. Anjam Run-time adaptable VLIW processors -- resources, performance, power consumption, and reliability trade-offs University of Science & Technology, Bannu, Pakistan 2013
M.F. Nadeem Evaluation framework for task scheduling algorithms in distributed reconfigurable systems   2013
C.B. Ciobanu Customizable Register Files for Multidimensional SIMD Architectures Chalmers University of Technology 2013
M. A. Wahlah Field programmable gate arrays with hardwired networks on chip Software engineer at Civolution (former Philips), Eindhoven, the Netherlands 2012
R. Stefan Resource allocation in time-division-multiplexed networks on chip Software designer, Mapper Lithography, The Hague, The Netherlands 2012
N. Z. Haron Testability and fault tolerance for emerging nanoelectronic memories UTeM-Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, Malaysia 2012
D. Crisu Hardware algorithms for tile-based real-time rendering Senior design engineer at Imagination Technologies, Hemel Hempstead, UK 2012
V. M. Sima Compiler assisted runtime adaption TU Delft 2012
S.A. Ostadzadeh Quantitative Application Data Flow Characterization for Heterogeneous Multicore Architectures TU Delft 2012
R.J. Meeuws Quantitative Hardware Prediction Modeling for Hardware/Software Co-design Bluebee 2012
L. Hasan Hardware Acceleration of Bioinformatics Sequence Alignment Applications Computer Systems Engineering, UET Peshawar, Pakistan 2011
C. Gou Customizable Memory Schemes for Data Parallel Architectures TU Delft 2011
I.S. Irobi Analysis and Test Development for Parasitic Fails in Deep Sub-Micron Memory Devices Enercom Canada, Ottawa, Canada 2011
Y. Lu Realistic Online Resource Management for Partially Reconfigurable Systems ASML 2011
T. Marconi Efficient Runtime Management of Reconfigurable Hardware Resources NUS, Singapore 2011
D. Ludovici Technology Aware Network-on-Chip Connectivity and Synchronization Design Ariston, Italy 2011
A. Azevedo Efficient Execution of Video Applications on Heterogeneous Multi- and Many-Core Processors TU Delft 2011
O.S. Dragomir K-loops: Loop Transformations for Reconfigurable Architectures TBA Netherlands, The Netherlands 2011
D. Theodoropoulos Custom Architecture for Immersive-Audio Applications TU Crete 2011
M. Sabeghi Runtime Support for Heterogeneous Multi-core Systems ASML 2011
C. Strydis Universal Processor Architecture for Biomedical Implants: The SiMS Project TU Delft/Erasmus MC 2011
J.Y. Hur Customizing and Hardwiring On-chip Interconnects in FPGAs Samsung, S. Korea 2011
K Sigdel System-Level Design Space Exploration of Reconfigurable Architectures TU Delft 2011
S. Isaza Multicore Architectures for Bioinformatics Applications Erasmus MC 2011
Z. Nawaz Recursive Variable Expansion a transformation for Reconfigurable Computing University of the Punjab Lahore, Pakistan 2011
C.H. Meenderinck Improving the Scalability of Multicore Systems, with a Focus on H.264 Video Decoding TU Delft 2010
M. Ahmadi High-performance Processing in Networked and Grid Environments Lecturer 2010
A. Gbolagade Effective Reverse Conversion in Residue Number System Processors University for Development Studies, Nigeria 2010
T. Abdullah Mechanisms for Self-organizing Ad Hoc Grids   2010
D. Borodin Performance-Oriented Fault Tolerance in Computing Systems TU Delft 2010
C. Galuzzi Automatically Fused Instructions TU Delft 2009
B. Pourebrahimi An Economic Framework for Resource Allocation in Ad-hoc Grids TU Delft 2009
P.J. de Langen Energy Reduction Techniques for Caches and Multiprocessors TomTom 2009
A. Molnos Task Centric Memory Management for an On-Chip Multiprocessor CEA LETI, France 2009
A. Shahbahrami Avoiding Conversion and Rearrangement Overhead in SIMD Architectures Professor Iran 2008
F. Duarte A cache-based hardware accelerator for memory data movements ESA 2008
G.N. Gaydadjiev Testing of Modern Semiconductor Memory Structures TU Delft 2007
E. Moscu Panainte The Molen Compiler for Reconfigurable Architectures TU Delft 2007
C. Kachris Reconfigurable Network Processing Platforms FORTH, Greece 2007
I. Sourdis Designs and Algorithms for Packet and Content Inspection TU Delft 2007
R. Chaves Secure Computing on Reconfigurable Systems INESC-ID, Portugal 2007

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