Lingling Lao

PhD student at the Computer Engineering Group of the Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS/EWI), Delft University of Technology. She is working on mapping of fault-tolerant quantum circuits onto surface code architectures.


Fault-tolerant quantum computing based on surface codes

The surface code has high tolerance to errors and conforms with the 2D nearest-neghbour constraint in current quantum technologies. This work is focused on the implementation of a universal set of fault-tolerant operations on surface codes using mechanisms such as lattice surgery and code deformation and characterizing these schemes in terms of their error thresholds and spatial-temporal cost.

Mapping of quantum circuits

We investigate the mapping of fault-tolerant quantum circuits on 2D quantum architectures, including placement and routing of qubits, and scheduling of operations. An efficient mapping will reduce the communication overhead and circuit latency, which in turn helps to decrease the failure rate of computation.


  • Quantum computing
  • Quantum error correction and fault-tolerant schemes
  • Mapping of quantum circuits

Publications Lingling Lao

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