Quantum Engineering Colloquium


1. Rosario Incandela,  TU Delft, The Netherlands -- 07-02-2018

2. Abdullah Aljuffri, TU Delft, The Netherlands -- 07-02-2018


 1.   Spin qubit readout: electronics perspective

Readout of spin qubits relies on the translation of the information encoded in the electron's spin to the electrical domain. Thanks to this mechanism we can readout spin qubits with classical electronics. In this talk, a summary of readout of spin qubits will be given, starting from the quantum information encoded in electrons, reaching the final digital value (0 or 1) in the classical world.   

2.  A Gentle introduction to deep learning

Deep Learning is a subdomain of Machine Learning that uses neural networks to solve hard problems such as image classification, speech recognition, and language understanding. In this Colloquium a brief introduction will be given of how artificial neurons work and are used as learning elements. Then, how they are used to achieve deep learning will be explained. Specifically, four deep learning techniques; Convolution Neural Network, Long-short Term Memory, Restricted Boltzmann Machines, and Stacked denoise Autoencoder will be explained. Finally, several successful deep learning applications will be discussed. Hopefully, this talk will introduce you to Deep Learning, encourage you to start thinking where you can apply it, and motivate you to acquire more knowledge and get started.





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