Quantum Engineering Colloquium


1. Aniello Franzese,  TU Delft, The Netherlands -- 05-04-2017

2. Savvas Varsamopoulos, TU Delft, The Netherlands -- 05-04-2017


1.    Interconnect 4K electronics with 20mK qubits

The research will aim to carry microwave signals from 4k electronics to the 20mK qubits.

The project requires simulations , design and fabrication of transmission lines to guide microwave signal and in the end the structures will be characterized.

 2.    Detecting quantum errors with neural networks

Quantum error detection is a necessary process in order to have a reliable quantum memory or perform reliable quantum computing. Current (prototype) technology of quantum computers, imposes a strict time budget for error detection. There exist classical algorithms that perform efficient quantum error detection, however the time required to identify the errors exceed the available budget. We propose a neural network based detection unit that can perform as well as the classical algorithms and also meets the time requirements.



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