Quantum Engineering Colloquium


1. Dr. Ir. RenĂ© Poelma, TU Delft, The Netherlands -- 16-06-2016
2. Msc. Shanshan Ren,  TU Delft, The Netherlands -- 16-06-2016


 1.    Tailoring material properties for 3D microfabrication: in-situ experimentation and multi-scale modelling:

Vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays (CNTs) are a nanoscale material that can be grown from the bottom up in a fast and controlled manner to form large microstructures. Combined with thin conformal coatings, we gain accurate control over the material properties and the functionality of the nano-porous CNT arrays. This talk deals with three topics involving nanoscale materials for microfabrication; (1) microfabrication steps for 3D micro-structures using CNTs arrays and thin conformal coatings, (2) the (in-situ) experimental characterization of the material and (3) a multi-scale modelling approach for analysing the mechanical material properties of CNT pillars.

2.    Optimizing  Genomics Computational Pipeline on High Performance Computing Systems:

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology provides a high-throughput and cost-effective sequencing method of DNA, which brings great opportunities for new discoveries in disease diagnosis and personalized medicine. A series of complex genomic analysis tools, which are called genomics computational pipelines, are used to turn the raw DNA data produced by the NGS platforms into meaningful data for genomic research. However, due to the large data size, it would take long time for genomic computational pipelines to accomplish genomic data analysis, even using high-performance systems or big clusters.  Acceleration of the genomics computational pipelines to render them more efficient is needed. 



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