Overview of Intel Netherlands


Rik-Jan Zwartenkot, Intel Benelux B.V. -- 21-02-2014


This presentation introduces Intel Netherlands to the audience. The talk includes the overview of Intel Netherlands, and what is happening there. Further focus is on the VLIW processor design for image and camera subsystem, its working flow and the mostly –in-house-developed-  design tooling used for daily research and development work, as well as the working environment and atmosphere.  


Rik-Jan has 19 years of experience in the areas of RTL design and SOC HW architecture definition. In 1994 Rik-Jan received his M.sc in electrical engineering from Twente University. Then he followed a post-master two year design course at Twente University. In 1996, Rik-Jan joined Philips Semiconductors where he worked as an RTL designer and IC architect for SOC’s for TV’s. In 2004, Rik-Jan joined Silicon Hive as a processor architect and started working on the VLIW processor architecture template. From 2007 onwards Rik-Jan became responsible for the Intel camera sub systems hardware architectures and in 2009 he became team lead of the HW design crew. 

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