Designing a Programmable Wire-Speed Regular-Expression Matching Accelerator


Jan Van Lunteren, IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, Switzerland -- 15-10-2013


Network intrusion detection systems and emerging analytics applications for business intelligence rely on fast pattern-matching functions to scan data in real time. This type of match operation has become increasingly challenging because of the growing number of regular expressions that have to be scanned for (e.g., to detect new intrusion types) at network link speeds of multiple tens of gigabits per second. In this talk, I will present a new programmable pattern-matching accelerator called RegX that combines fast programmable state machines and simple processing units together with a special rule cache and several novel micro-architectural features, to achieve very high performance. Implemented in the PowerEnTM processor in 45-nm SOI technology, the accelerator achieves a theoretical peak scan rate of 73.6 Gbit/s, and a measured scan rate of about 15 to 40 Gbit/s for typical intrusion detection workloads. 


Jan van Lunteren has been with the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, Switzerland, since 1994. His current interests include adaptive memory systems, deep packet classification algorithms, and high-performance programmable accelerator engines. He is also involved in the Dome project, which is a research collaboration between IBM and the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (Astron) to investigate exascale computer systems targeted at the Square Kilometer Array (SKA), which will become the world

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