[CE2013-5] ASML (NL) - Modeling and Performance Prediction for Multicore System Behavior

With the growing need for performance and the increasing penetration of multicore processors in the industry, predicting the performance new multicore systems is becoming an increasingly difficult task. The use of multiple CPUs connected to local as well as shared cache memory using various possible interconnect technologies increases the hardware complexity and requires the development of specific models for each individual system.

In the world of integrated circuits (ICs, or chips), ASML plays an important role as being the leading company in the manufacturing of lithography systems. Such systems, in turn, are part of the production process of complex ICs which are designed and developed by dozens of other multinational corporations.

In this project, we will investigate strategies for distributing existing software onto several cores of a multicore system. This is done by means of abstracting the available system resources, such as processor cores, memories as well as interconnect into a high-level system model. This takes into consideration that multicore hardware architectures do not only have distributed processor cores, but also have a distributed memory architecture with a mixture of local and global memories for data, all with different inter-access times. Additionally, the global memories might be partitioned in a way such that the partitions can be accessed simultaneously without interference.

What do we expect from you?

    • Assessment of the relevant multicore architectures in terms of cores, memory and interconnect
    • Development of system models that take relevant system characteristics into consideration
    • Investigation of possible utilization of these models to correctly predict software performance
    • Tooling for demonstration of practical implementation of the models for a number of software benchmarks
    • Comparison of the predicted performance to actual measurements of these benchmarks

    Company Name: ASML
    Location: Veldhoven, NL
    Start date: Sep 2013
    Duration: 9 months
    Position: MSc thesis student

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