[CE2012-7] NVIDIA (US) - Bioinformatics Algorithms Parallelization on GPUs

NVIDIA processor designs are powering the fastest supercomputers in the world, the fastest desktop graphics available to consumers, and the most advanced graphics for tablets and cell phones available anywhere. You can become part of the team which designs, models, and guides the development of these processors at every level.

This project takes place in a research group at NVIDIA focusing on parallel algorithms in important emerging application areas. One of these areas is key bioinformatics algorithms, especially assembly, mapping, and other "front-end" parts of a genomics pipeline. They are looking into key computational building blocks like fast hashing and approximate matching, local alignment via dynamic programming, and global assembly.


  • Work as part of a team extending the state of the art in parallel processing.
  • Design and develop tools to analyze, understand, and improve the power efficiency and performance of bioinformatics applications for new processor architectures.
  • Build simulators and implement simulation models of new designs

Minimum Requirements:

  • BSc Degree in relevant discipline (CS, EE, Math).
  • Strong programming ability: C, C++, Perl, Python preferred.
  • Strong interest in compute architecture or hardware design.
  • Previous knowledge of bioinfomatics algorithms

Company Name: NVIDIA
Location: Santa Clara, US
Start date: Summer 2012
Duration: 3-4 months
Number of positions: Internship

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