[CE2012-6] Intel (NL) - Power Management for High-Performance Media Processors

Intel Benelux BV is a branch of Intel located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Activities in this site are mainly focused on research and developemnt of multicore application-Specific instruction-set processors, so-called Multi-ASIPs. As industry leaders, we use our own highly powerful and automated design and programming tools. Be part of a multi-disciplinary team which covers all aspects of processor design (HW, tools, compilers, VLSI).

The challenges related to this assignemnt are:

  1. Multi-ASIPs systems need to rival efficiency of fixed-function HW.
  2. Use all types of parallelism; multi-core, multi-issue, vector, pipeline, etc.
  3. Use different register files, memories, caches.
  4. Power management units need to power switch / voltage scale all above types of units
  5. Get to work on real HW!


  1. Design and develop a configurable power controller.
  2. Research methodologies to automatically construct power domains and connections to power controllers.
  3. Benchmark power management technology on relevant applications Company

Name: Intel (NL)
Location: Eindhoven, NL
Start date: As soon as possible
Duration: 6 months
Number of positions: MSc project / internship

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