[CE2012-5] Intel (NL) - Design Space Exploration for High-Performance Media Processors

Intel Benelux BV is a branch of Intel located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Activities in this site are mainly focused on research and developemnt of multicore application-Specific instruction-set processors, so-called Multi-ASIPs. As industry leaders, we use our own highly powerful and automated design and programming tools. Be part of a multi-disciplinary team which covers all aspects of processor design (HW, tools, compilers, VLSI).

The challenges related to this assignemnt are:

  1. Design Multi-ASIPs systems which rival efficiency of fixed-function HW.
  2. Cover many degrees of design freedom (e.g. all types of parallelism).
  3. Also need to decide on sizes of register files, memories, caches.
  4. Oversee and handle all trade-offs and massive design space exploration (DSE).
  5. Get to work on real HW!


  1. Research and develop methodologies to support design decisions for multi-ASIP systems.
  2. Incorporate DSE tools from other partners.
  3. Benchmark new DSE technology on relevant applications

Company Name: Intel (NL)
Location: Eindhoven, NL
Start date: As soon as possible
Duration: 6 months
Number of positions: MSc project / internship

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