[CE2012-4] TNO (NL) - Modeling and Simulation of Large-Scale Networks

Designing large-scale sensor networks is an extremely demanding task, as it amounts on a complex balance among many (frequently contradicting) requirements and constraints. The design process should be supported by a proper set of tools, which - using various models such as functional, power consumption and failure - can simulate the operation of the network and quantitatively can characterize the performance of the different design alternatives. Hence, assist the designer to make the proper design choices. The programs running on the (wireless) nodes are components of the design. Their behavior has significant impact, even beyond the functional perspective of the system. Due to the large-scale character of the system it is not feasible to execute the programs instruction by instruction. Rather models of the programs should be used, which reflect all relevant feature of the program but do not need instruction level execution.

Problem statement:
The assignment investigates the different approaches for modeling program execution. A modeling proposal should be developed, which satisfies the needs of the quantitative evaluation of sensor network architectures. Simulator should be developed, which executes the application program models and measures the execution performance.

Company Name: TNO
Location: The Hague, The Netherlands
Start date: June 2012
Duration: 9 months
Number of positions: MSc project

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