[CE2012-3] TNO (NL) - System-wide Optimization of Distributed Dynamic Sub-systems

Optimization techniques for dynamic systems is a well developed area of expertise with great practical significance (e.g., joint optimization of traffic lights, power network maintenance, control of renewable energy sources, etc.). In systems that are spatially distributed (i.e., a network of multiple subsystems), the observations from the process cannot be communicated centrally and thus optimization can only be done locally by each subsystems. The question is how the local optimizers should interact in order to achieve global optimum. The problem is especially interesting in wireless sensor networks, where the number of subsystems is high and the communication/power constraints are serious.

Problem statement:
The assignment should overview the different types of distributed optimization problems and develop solutions for particular large-scale mobility related optimization cases (typical cases: traffic light management, cooperative highway on-ramp control).

Company Name: TNO
Location: The Hague, The Netherlands
Start date: June 2012
Duration: 9 months
Number of positions: MSc project

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