[CE2012-1] Thomson Networks (FR) - Optimization of Parallel Video Processing Programs on Multicore/GPU Platforms

Thomson Video Networks, within the video coding lab, develops libraries that are embedded into broadcast/WebTV/IPTV systems. These programs are usually computationally intensive and require optimization for the hardware platforms used. One of programs being used in the coding group, a video characterization module, performs a standard signal processing algorithm. Parts of this program have been identified that could be parallelized. This can be checked against existing automatic tool results (par4all). The activities required by the intern start by the annotation of this program using OpenCL pragmas, and then to measure the results on server and desktop platforms (with and without GPU). Performance analysis will be conducted within the video coding lab under with the help of the supervisor, to identify possible architectural optimizations. The internship will bring the intern into real professional product development, and let them develop experience in agile methods, programming and advanced Intel platforms architectures (servers, GPUs).

Company Name: Thomson Networks
Location: Rennes, France
Start date: Beginning of 2012
Duration: 6 months
Number of positions: Internship

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