I currently teach the following courses : 

  1. Electronics for Quantum Computing : the course focuses on the clasical control logic for quantum processors. The course is part of the Qutech academy.
  2. Embedded Systems Laboratory : Course in the ES Msc program in which the students have to develop an application on two different Embedded Platforms
  3. Operating Systems Course in the CE Msc program where students have to study one particular OS functionality and then implement a simplified version of it and experiment with some algorithmic alternatives.
  4. High Tech Start-up (Bsc program) The Bsc graduation project is based on the idea of brining technology to the market. In collaboration with researchers from the faculty, the students work on a prototype of the technology and write a business plan.
  5. High Tech Start-up (Msc program) This course familiarizes the student with the idea of starting a company.  It focuses on the necessary personal skills and organizational issues involved in doing that.


I taught the following courses over the last couple of years:

  1. Discrete Mathematics (Bachelor program) Introduction to set theory, Boolean algebras, graph theory, data structures, complexity analysis
  2. Programming in Java (Bachelor program) As this course is an introduction to programming using Java, it focuses on the basic object oriented programming notions. At the end of the course is student is capable of designing a small application having a GUI and multi tiered structured
  3. Computer Architecture I (Bachelor program) After introducing basic notions on Instruction Set Architectures, the most important computer arithmetic algorithms are presented.  Subsequent topics include processor design, memory caches, pipelining.
  4. Modern Computer Architectures (Msc program) Introduce state of the art notions in computer architecture such as superscalar computing, VLIW, multiprocessor, and some notions on multiprocessor and parallel systems are introduced



Koen Bertels