Imran Ashraf

PostDoc at the Computer Engineering Group of the Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS/EWI), Delft University of Technology.



  • Currently, I am working as Post doc on an Intel funded project in which various groups from Intel, TNO and TU Delft are performing quantum related research. I am a part of Koen Bertels’ team working on the defnition of a scalable architecture for executing quantum circuits and to perform quantum error correction. More specifcally, I am working on the compilation techniques for quantum computing targeting simulators as well as real quantum chips.


  • Embedded multi-core systems for mixed criticality applications in dynamic and changeable real-time environments (EMC2) is an ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking project in the Innovation Pilot Programme ‘Computing platforms for embedded systems’ (AIPP5).
  • Smart Multicore Embedded Systems (SMECY) project, which envisioned developing programming and design methods, multi-core architectural solutions and associated supporting tools to enable the exploitation of many-core architectures.
  • Delft Workbench which is a semi-automatic tool platform for integrated HW/SW co-design, targeting heterogeneous computing systems containing reconfigurable components. The Delft Workbench addresses the entire design cycle from profiling and partitioning to synthesis and compilation of an application. My focus was on advanced profiling.

Research Interests

  • Compilation techniques especially for quantum computers
  • High-level synthesis of applications for reconfigurable architectures
  • High-performance computing
  • Accelerator-based computing
  • Advanced profiling
  • Embedded computer architectures
  • In-memory computing
  • Dynamic Binary Instrumentation


  • OpenQL Compiler: A compiler for high-level quantum programs written in OpenQL.
  • MCProf: A runtime Memory and Communication Profiler which generates detailed application profile in terms of memory access patterns and data-communication at function and loop-level granularity. It is based on Intel Pin Dynamic Binary Instrumentation (DBI) framework.
  • PET: Partition Evaluation Tool is an open source tool which can perform partition evaluation of various partitioning algorithms.

Teaching Assistantships

  • IN4342 Embedded System Lab
  • ET4381 Advanced Multicore Systems
  • ET4174 System Programming in C
  • IN4073 Embedded Real Time Systems

Publications Imran Ashraf

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