Holistic Design of Exascale Systems and the Square Kilometre Array Telescope


Giovanni Mariani, ASTRON&IBM center for exascale technology, the Netherlands  -- 14-09-2016


Exascale systems will be complex massively parallel computing infrastructures. The overall computing performance is the result of complex interactions between the application, the computational elements and the overall network infrastructure. To achieve the design goals, we need to address the design problem in a holistic fashion accounting for all the relevant components, i.e. the application, the computing infrastructure, and the networking system.

In this presentation I will introduce a methodology for the holistic design of exascale systems and its application to the design of the square kilometre array telescope (SKA). The methodology includes the profiling of the target application in an architectural-independent manner, the scaling of this profile towards the exascale horizon, and analytic models for estimating the overall system performance. 


Giovanni Mariani is a Post-doctoral researcher at ASTRON & IBM center for exascale technology. His research interests cover the optimization of computing systems with a wide spectrum, from supercomputers to embedded and cyber-physical systems, and, most recently, cloud systems.

He obtained the PhD degree on 2011 at the Advanced Learning and Research Institute (ALaRI) in Lugano, Switzerland. In the past he has worked at several institutions including Politecnico di Milano, TU Delft, IMEC, and University of Lugano.


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