Secure partial dynamic reconfiguration of reconfigurable devices


Ricardo Chaves, University of Lisbon - Portugal -- 22-06-2015


Reconfigurable systems are becoming a key component in dedicated and embedded computing systems, providing a high adaptability to the computation requirements. However, the existing solutions for secure partial dynamic reconfiguration on SRAM based FPGAs impact the reconfiguration process and the available resources. This talk presents an overview on partial dynamic reconfiguration and the security issues related with it. This discussion will take into account the native features of the devices, the existing state of the art, and a novel approach allowing to securely store the configuration bitstreams on external non secure memories.


Ricardo Chaves is an assistant professor at the Computer Science Department at the University of Lisbon/IST and a researcher at the Signal Processing Group (SiPS) of INESC-ID. In 2007 he received his Ph.D. degree in electrical and computer engineering from TUDelft and from the University of Lisbon. His research interests include cryptographic hardware, reconfigurable hardware architectures, and embedded and user oriented systems. He is a member of the Management Committee of EU COST Actions TRUDEVICE and CRYPTARCUS and a member of the EMC2 and Rethink European projects.


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