Microwave Vector Switch Matrix, the scalability to control from MuxMon to a Surface-49 quantum processor


Duije Deurloo, TNO - the Netherlands -- 10-06-2015


Now the number of quantum bits on a chip is growing we have to scale up the control of microwave superconducting circuit quantum bits. Microwave pulses are required both to perform operations (gates) and to implement error correction on e.g. flipped quantum states. Planar 2D topologies are planned (Surface Codes) to maintain the required quantum information. A multicast fan-out of microwave pulses with individual channel calibration has been implemented, tested and patented in what we call a: Microwave Vector Switch Matrix (formerly known as multiplexer, which does not describe its function.) In the presentation there will be an introduction to TRANSMON control and explanation how the prototype has been designed and tested in a real quantum system context. Basic knowledge of electronics, frequency spectra (Fourier Transforms) and Microwave Engineering will be enough to understand the talk. (No quantum math is required as background knowledge).


Duije works as RF and Microwave systems designer in the Radar Technology group of TNO and is now also working for QuTech on the topic of scalable control of weakly anharmonic quantum bits based on microwave superconducting circuits (so called TRANSMON quantum bits).


Will be available soon

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