Digital Image Processing, Challenges and Applications


Dr. Reza Hassanpour, Cankaya University, Ankara-Turkey -- 18-06-2014


Image processing refers to the techniques utilized to analyse visual data for extracting information of interest. However, the enormous amount of visual data poses numerous challenges.  These challenges include the complexities imposed by the variety of the environmental effects in detecting and recognizing the relevant objects, complications arising from the need for geometric modelling and cognitive processing of visual information to achieve the capability to mimic the biological visual systems, and the processing time necessary for dealing with the enormous bulk of visual data. Many solutions such as integrating visual information with data from other external sensors, and modelling cognitive processes to incorporate prior knowledge about goals and plans have been introduced. In this talk, the challenges and trends of visual data processing systems will be discussed. Future trends and opportunities will be introduced, and some of the on-going projects will be presented.


Dr. Reza Hassanpour is affiliated with the Computer Engineering department of Cankaya University, Ankara-Turkey. He received his PhD in Computer Engineering from the Middle East Technical University, Ankara-Turkey in 2003. His main research interests are Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, and Medical Image Processing.

Slides for this talk are available here.



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