Dynamic Circuit Specialisation through parameterized run-time reconfiguration


Prof. Dirk Stroobandt on 18-12 2012


Prof. Dirk Stroobandt obtained the Ph.D. degree from Ghent University, Belgium, in 1998. Since October 2002, he is Professor at Ghent University affiliated with the Department of Electronics and Information Systems (ELIS), Computer Systems Lab (CSL).
He currently leads the research group HES of about 10 people with interests in semi-automatic hardware design methodologies and tools, run-time reconfiguration, and reconfigurable multiprocessor networks.
Dirk Stroobandt is the inaugural winner of the ACM/SIGDA Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award in Design Automation, and initiated and co-organized the International Workshop on System-Level Interconnect Prediction (SLIP) in 1999. He has been editor of several journals. 


In the research group HES of Ghent University, we have found a new way of doing fast run-time reconfiguration called parameterized reconfiguration. In this talk, I will show what the main ideas are, how we can use this technique for doing dynamic circuit specialization, what the benefits and drawbacks are and how we are currently optimizing the technique.

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